Personal Care Services

For those who require a more hands-on approach to care.

Personal Care is part of a comprehensive care plan that includes anywhere from 4-24 hour assistance and can change as needs change. Personal Care Services are provided by a trained caregiver who can do everything included in our Companion Care Services plus other care needs that require more personalized interactions. Live-in Services may be added with our 24-Hour and Live-In Care package

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Personal Care Services include:

One You Love’s Proprietary Advanced Care Technology

Our One You Love Mobile application incorporates the use of a tablet with proprietary interactive cognition games to stimulate and entertain your loved one so their minds will be constantly engaged

Our Advanced Care Technology includes:

  • An Individual Daily Activity Program that fosters brain activity and client/caregiver interaction.
  • A variety of brain games that focus on memory, language, cognitive ability, thinking, judgement, logic, number, and word skills. Each has Multiple skill levels that are adjusted based on individual ability and skill set.
  • A Proprietary Smart Personal Assessment (SPA) that provides a form of measurement of your loved one’s ability over time.
  • Dynamic reporting providing a snapshot of how your loved one is performing in key areas.
  • An activity platform adjusts game play real-time using our proprietary “skill profile” tracking system.
  • Assisting with bathing, dental/denture care, basic skin & nail care, grooming, hair care and dressing
  • Assisting with self-administered medications (as permitted by state regulations)
  • Assisting with toileting
  • Emptying ostomy bags and/or external urinary collection devices, including catheter bags or urinary drainage bags
  • Assisting with urinals, bedpans and/or commodes
  • Providing bowel and bladder incontinence care, including changing of adult briefs
  • Encouraging daily physical activity within the client’s capabilities while encouraging adherence to prescribed exercise programs
  • Assisting with transferring and positioning
  • Assisting with ambulation and the use of ambulation devices (wheelchair, walker, etc.)
  • Feeding or assisting with feeding
  • Measuring and recording temperature, 
pulse, respirations, and blood pressure 
(as permitted by state regulations)
  • Hospital transitions

Social Activities:

  • Providing companionship, friendship, and emotional support
  • Playing games/cards and reading
  • Assisting clients with keeping in contact with family, friends, and the outside world
  • Accompanying clients to recreational and/or social events
  • Transporting clients to doctors, clinics, errands, shopping, and outings

Daily Living Activities:

  • Stand-by assistance while moving, dressing, grooming (brushing hair, filing nails, etc.)
  • Maintaining a safe and comfortable home environment
  • Accompanying client on walks
  • Reminding client to take medications
  • Reminding client to perform grooming activities

Meal and Food Preparation:

  • Assist in planning, preparing, and serving meals
  • Reminding client to start or finish their meals
  • Cleaning up after meals

Household Chores:

  • Performing errands
  • Shopping for groceries and cleaning supplies
  • Writing or typing letters/correspondence
  • Retrieving and organizing mail
  • Performing light housekeeping/dusting
  • Doing Laundry
  • Making/changing beds
  • Washing dishes, pots, pans, and utensils
  • Cleaning kitchen counters and inside appliances
  • Gathering trash from inside the home and putting it out for pick up
  • Cleaning bathroom fixtures
  • Sweeping/vacuuming carpets, upholstery and mopping floors
  • Respite care for families

If these services match your needs or you require more assistance, schedule a consultation today.

Why choose us?

All our caregivers go through an extensive screening process. Exceptional reliability and the best care possible, along with 24/7 support from our professional care-giving team, means total peace of mind for you and your family.