Karin Tator

Karin Tator, RN, BSN, Owner of One You Love Homecare Annapolis serving senior care in the Annapolis, MD area

Karin Tator, RN, BSN


Karin F. Tator, RN, BSN is co-owner and Director of Nursing for One You Love Homecare. Karin oversees all caregiving staff personally and develops and ensures care plans are tailored to meet each client’s individual needs. Geriatric care is Karin’s passion; prior to opening One You Love in Maryland, Karin was Director of Nursing at a rehabilitation center where she developed and oversaw nursing care plans and led the regulatory compliance program for the facility. She has also worked as an R.N. in smaller office and large hospital settings with experience in orthopedics and neurology in addition to geriatrics. Karin is married with three children and is a graduate of Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

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