Comprehensive Care provides unmatched care services including a host of offerings, all based on our exclusive comprehensive care plan assessments and includes care services from Personal and Companion Care features plus extended offerings such as Hospital Transitions, Physician Visits and whatever is required for full coverage.

Comprehensive Care is available for those interested in additional life enhancing services such as:
• In-Home Computer Program • In-Home Pet Therapy Visits
• Monitor Medication Refills • Schedule Visiting Physician Services
• Schedule Visiting Nurse Services • Set Up Emergency Response Services
• Schedule In-Home Salon Services • Coordinates/Schedules Appointments
• Schedule In-Home Spiritual/Religious Guidance

Live-In Care
Live-In Care is offered by a caregiver who stays in the client’s residence 24 hours per day.
• Caregiver must have uninterrupted sleep time in a separate sleeping room for privacy
• Care may be provided by either a Companion or CHHA, depending on the individual needs

Hospital Transitions

*At times, caregivers may require slightly higher billing rates for specialty care cases or cases that are particularly difficult to cover.

**All holidays are billed at time holiday rates. All rates are listed and detailed for the care of one client. Couple rates are also available upon request.