The Overtime Protection Group (OPG) is a team of veteran attorneys with vast experience in the areas of overtime pay, wage and hour plus Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) cases. Please protect yourself by using our free Employee Overtime Questionnaire, which is like your own personal Overtime Audit Tool or what some people refer to as an FLSA Audit for employees. If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to Contact OPG.

When it comes to overtime pay and your employer’s handling of FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) requirements, it is crucial for you to protect yourself even if you assume they are doing the “right thing” when it comes to your pay and the standards affecting you, when an employee in the private sector or in Federal, State and local government organizations. For a quick check of your overtime pay as well as related wage and hour situation, we have built a Simple Employee Overtime Questionnaire to help you out.