Jackie Whitlock

Jackie Whitlock, Owner of One You Love Homecare Salt Lake City serving senior care in the Salt Lake City, UT area

Jackie Whitlock


Jackie’s kindness, compassion, love, sensitivity and peacemaking attributes are beautifully blended as a co-operator of One You Love Home Care in Utah and Salt Lake Counties. From a very young age, she worked hard in fast food, then sales and customer service for a clothing retailer. Her great work ethic quickly landed her in the banking industry and on to co-owning and operating an ebay business.

Jackie is a perfect personification of balancing these business experiences, hobbies of scrapbooking, crafts, 32 years of marriage, and nurturing five beautiful children. It is truly Jackie’s warm and loving nature that shines through and is apparent to everyone she meets. In her father’s later years, she too was impressed with the thoughtfulness and kindness of Personal Caregivers. Through these services and her award winning years of community service, Jackie consistently knows how to connect with individuals and families of One You Love Homecare.

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