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The Mission of One You Love Homecare of Columbus, Ohio is to help our clients remain independent in their own homes; allowing them to maintain their dignity, good health, mental awareness, and a positive mindset thus improving the quality of life for them and their family members.

In 1967, my parents built a new home in a suburb of Cleveland.  There, they raised 3 boys and over the years watched as each of us left to start our own families.  But that home, to this day, is still the gathering place for all our families to reconnect for holidays and special events.  In 2012, my father was diagnosed with kidney cancer and slowly we watched the disease take over my parent’s lives.  Our family home was not built to accommodate people living with physical limitations.  My brothers and I, along with great support from our spouses and children, did our best to assist our mom in keeping my dad at home in a safe and clean environment.  Even though my brothers and I have professional experience in healthcare, it took this small army of caregivers everything we had to ensure our dad could stay home as long as possible.  My father eventually required skilled nursing care and lost his battle with cancer in early 2020. We now have the privilege of helping our mother to continue to live in the home they built together over 50 years ago.

Our family is lucky to have the ability to work together to ensure that our mother is still safe in her own home.  We have healthcare experience and yet we struggle at times.  There are many families out there who do not have the luxury, and even the capability, to protect and care for their loved ones adequately at home.

When hearing One You Love Homecare’s founder David Giacobbo’s personal story on why he started this business and the experience and struggles his family faced, I found comfort knowing that my family wasn’t alone and I knew that I wanted to bring One You Love Homecare to Central Ohio.

The One You Love Homecare model is designed to be an extension of your family; treating your loved one as if they are our own. We look forward to serving the families of Central Ohio.

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Focus on Physical Needs
Personal Care focuses primarily on the client and his or her physical needs. Personal Senior Care is provided by a Certified Home Health Aide who can do everything offered by a Companion Care Plan plus other “hands-on” care.


Focus on Daily Living & Socialization
Companion Care focuses primarily on basic socialization and activities of daily living while offering a wide range of services to clients including assistance with grooming, ambulation, dressing, medication reminders and more.
comprehensive care


Full Suite of Senior Care Services
Comprehensive Care provides an unrivaled suite of senior care offerings, all based on our exclusive comprehensive care plan assessments and includes extended offerings for your loved one.

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Peter Samijlenko, MBA

Pete Samijlenko is the proud owner of One You Love Homecare of Columbus, Ohio. Pete has over 25 years of business experience which includes over 12 years in private healthcare. During his role as Director of Sales & Marketing for a private ambulance…

OYLH of Columbus, OH provides senior in home care services for your loved one with a focused, supportive approach every step of the way. We pride ourselves on being one of the only home care companies that delivers truly comprehensive care experiences for our client families.

*At times, caregivers may require slightly higher billing rates for specialty care cases or cases that are particularly difficult to cover.

**All holidays are billed at time holiday rates. All rates are listed and detailed for the care of one client. Couple rates are also available upon request.