Martin Evans & Gianna Venturi

Martin Evans & Gianna Venturi , Owners of One You Love Homecare Dallas serving senior care in the Dallas, TX area

Martin Evans & Gianna Venturi


Martin Evans is the proud co-owner (with his wife Gianna Venturi) and operator of One You Love Homecare Dallas. Martin has an extensive professional background, covering global positions across operations, finance, and human resources at executive levels. This varied background provides him a holistic understanding of how all parts of a company need to work together to provide the kind of care and support that Martin is passionate about delivering in Dallas. Leading the people functions in 3 companies of different sizes, domestically and globally, has given him the insights into what’s important to people, what motivates them and how to make sure they’re giving their best to the clients.

Martin does everything with passion, conviction and follow-through: studies (University of Georgia, Tulane and Duke), running (marathons on all seven continents), giving back (Board Member and volunteer at Junior Achievement, Special Olympics, Habitat For Humanity and Big Brother/Big Sister) and spending time with his family.

Along with Gianna, he brings that same passion, conviction and follow-through to One You Love Homecare Dallas.

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