Katrina Churion

Katrina Churion


Katrina has always dreamt of having a family owned business and is thrilled to make her dream a reality with the launch of her One You Love Homecare location. Katrina’s background in chemistry, business, and project management lend well to the dynamic role of owning a home care agency.

With personal experience as a family caregiver, Katrina has first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by families who are navigating the care and support of an aging loved one. Katrina understands the necessary qualities of a good caregiver and will dedicate her time to ensuring her staff not only possess the tangible skills required to provide quality care, she will ensure they exude kindness, patience, compassion and empathy.

In spirit with the One You Love Homecare brand, Katrina will operate her business with her right-hand partner and mother, Leigh Churion. Leigh is a nurse with extensive experience in a long-term care environment and brings a clinical understanding of the aging population to the team.

Katrina and Leigh are committed to providing the highest quality care to those in their community; a caregiving experience that will leave family members confident that their loved one is receiving the highest quality care and is an integral part of the One You Love Homecare family.

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