Wolf Liebertz

Wolf Liebertz


Wolf is co-owner of One You Love Homecare Boca Raton. Not so many years ago, Wolf helped his mother transition into assisted living after a tedious decision-making process to do so and not have her remain at home. Leaving her in her new “home” was not always easy and the transition took time. As Wolf came to know the community and the staff, he witnessed the care they provided and was able to help reassure Mom and make her feel at ease in her new home.

Over time, seeing the kind of skill, dedication and patience health care professionals demonstrate tirelessly was truly inspirational. Wolf realized that it was time for a change in his life and felt a career assisting those who are aging in the place would be rewarding. Excitedly leaving the corporate world behind, Wolf chose to focus on a career that would allow him to dedicate his time and energy to the care of others.

But how?

While his Mom spent her final days in the care and safety of assisted living, it was not lost on Wolf how much different her life might have been spending those final years in the comfort of her own home. The home where she made many memories that may have been easier to recall in familiar surroundings despite her progressing dementia. How can people age safely in their home, surrounded by their memories, with a need for assistance with activities of daily living? After an exhaustive search, he and his wife, Gabrielle, found One You Love Homecare. One You Love Homecare is a brand built on family and has core values built on treating every client like family. He and Gabrielle chose to open One You Love Homecare Boca Raton because of the focus on service and the approach to senior in-home care. Wolf feels that owning his homecare business is a true gift. He now spends his workday focused on giving back to his community and providing the care he witnessed his Mom receiving but doing so in the comfort of the client’s home.

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