Julianne Bing

Julianne Bing, CNA, Owner of One You Love Homecare Annapolis serving senior care in the Annapolis, MD area

Julianne Bing, CNA


Julianne is co-owner and CEO of One You Love Homecare Annapolis.  She is a Certified Nursing Assistant and Certified Geriatric Nursing Assistant.  She has years of combined experience in business and healthcare.  She is a Positive Psychology Practitioner and Life Coach, specializing in seniors after retirement. She takes a holistic approach to homecare, not just the physical needs but inclusive of mind, body and spirit to support her clients and their family.  Julianne has a strong love for the elderly as seen from her personal relationship and caregiving experience with her grandmothers.  She truly believes in caregivers as part of your family and knows what is required and how to provide quality loving care.  Julianne lives in Annapolis with her husband and four children and graduated with a business degree from Lehigh University.

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