Howard McClurd

Howard McClurd


McClurd after college he started in Healthcare Medical Sales in 1993 for a company called “Medex”.   This was a supplier of many medical products for people who suffered with chronic health conditions like Lymphedema and chronic pain.

After gaining valuable experience,  Howard McClurd and Howard Turetzky decided to team up and open their own company ”Home Wellness, Inc.” in 1994.  They were both active in the business and managed the company’s daily operation. The company specialized in pain management and urological supplies. Howard McClurd focused on the Sales and patient clinical care, and Howard Turetzky focused on the Financial and Operational side of the business.  Together they rose to the top 10% of the Industry. Because of the 20 years of success, they were approached by a private equity company and sold the company. During this building process in 2002, Howard McCLurd had a bout with Kidney Cancer that he successfully overcame.  He quickly got involved with being a Cancer Buddy to help others going through Kidney Cancer and started to raise money for the Kidney Cancer Association for patient education. He even logoed his Racecar o increase awareness and to raise funds at Charity events.

In 2012, keeping with the healthcare theme, decided to open the first of three “Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spas”.  It quickly became one of the fastest growing franchise locations in the country and top Spa of the year!  Over the next two years, they opened an additional two Spas.  They successfully operated the businesses for approximately 7 years. In 2019, due to family illnesses, and another bout with Cancer decided to sell the company.  He was again successful in battling Cancer for the 2ed time!  Additionally during this time he sat on the Board of “Dragonfly forest”.  A Neurodiversity program and camp for children with Autism & Down syndrome and severe respiratory issues.

During the running of the Spas….In 2016, Howard opened up a small wholesale medical supply company called Go To Med Supplies. Specializing in Specialty disposable Medical supplies.  The company is still in existence.

Because of family illnesses over the last few years, we engaged Home Healthcare Aids help take care of family members, and quicky became interested in the Home Healthcare industry as a new possible business venture. After looking at many Homecare companies, then speaking with the owner of         “One You Love Homecare” in 2020, we decided to buy into a unique and successful franchise model to continue the mission in helping people within the healthcare Industry.

He currently sits on the board of the KCC- Kidney Cancer Coalition raising money for Kidney Cancer Research.  Actively goes to Capital Hill to raise awareness and funding for the NIH -and the KCC.

In summary, Howard McClurd has over 25 years of successful experience in the Health Care Industry.  He has spent most of his adult life working and helping both patients and medical professionals.